For entrepreneurs who are not well versed with databases, here is a list of five tools which are useful in dealing with large data sets.

1. Open Refine =  Open Refine can be used for cleaning, refining and reconciling large sets of data

2. Yahoo Pipes = A powerful tool, this is used to combine feeds from various data sources on internet, and then perform operations on it

3. Google Fusion Tables = A great visualization tool, this tool asks users to enter link of the data source. The data is uploaded, and then various charts/ graphs can be built from it

4. D3JS  = A Javascript library, which can be embedded in a website, this tool helps to make great charts, diagrams and maps

5. Open Heat Maps = This tool can be used to see data visualizations over time. Data can be uploaded through excels or google docs. There should be some location linked information through IP addresses, street addresses or longitude and latitude coordinates