Each week, we intend to bring you a medley of the best posts about entrepreneurship from internet. In this series, we bring you diverse links which assembles advice from people who have done it and seen it all

1. Paul Graham makes a case that a start up is equivalent to growth. He argues, that any company, irrespective of whether it is in tech or not, can be called a start up if it is capable of showing exponential growth

2. Kyle Gerrity, Slader co-founder talks about learning to think beyond performance metrics of online websites and focussing on important indicators that will indicate how well a startup is doing.

3. With a passion for traditional food and a zeal for Indian culture, Jayanti gave up her plum job as a project manager in Infosys to start her own catering business based on authentic Marathi Cuisine in Bangalore.

4. A presentation of Guy Kawasaki’s (an Apple evangelist and start up guru) famous book called “The Art of the Start”. It talks about the ten important things which an entrepreneur needs to master while starting up.

5. David Skok, a five time serial enterpreneur turned VC, talks about the importance of business model in a startup. He contends that instead of technology innovation being the driver for startups, it is more frequently business model innovation.